Which is Better, Dry Food or Wet Food?


There are literally a hundred different kinds of dog food out there. Aside from the normal grocery finds such as dry and wet food, there is even the option of making your own homemade dog food. This variety can be good for your dog and can give him the a lot of choices. But on the other hand making the choice can be baffling at times. What’s more is the question of whether dry food or wet food is what your dog needs.

Dry Food Vs. Wet Food?

If you are one of those people who do not have the time to concoct a happy meal for your pooch, then going to the pet supply store or the grocery is your best bet. Most people look down on dry food thinking that this is just for lazy pet owners and that it is just filled with junk that your dog needs. Others swear by wet food because they see their dogs very happy gobbling it down and the pack says it has everything your dog needs.

On the other hand, Dry food is not all that bad. Aside from being very convenient, it does have benefits such as balanced nutrition not to mention it is really good for your dog’s teeth. It can also be satisfying to your dog to feel the crush of eating dry dog food. On the other hand, wet dog food or canned dog food can be high in protein and can also have a lot of flavor which your dog would love

Dry Food

The main benefit of dry food is that it helps remove tartar buildup from your dog’s teeth. It also helps satisfy your dog’s need to chew. Dry food is also very convenient and there is no waste. If your dog does not finish the food, it will to spoil easily and you don’t need to refrigerate it. Many people despise dry food saying that it is full of carbohydrates that can lead to diabetics and lacks protein. But contrary to belief, high protein is not all that good for your dog. He does need carbs for energy specially if he is playful and likes to run a lot. He also needs fiber for easier bowel movement. A lot of dry food offer these.

On the other hand, there are dry food that is full of junk that your dog does not need. Too much carbs can cause him to be overweight. Older dogs may also be unable to eat dry food because it can cause pain in his gums and teeth. Dry dog food can also be boring can can cause a loss of appetite in your furry friend.

Canned Wet Food

Canned wet food has had some bad rep from those who swear into making their own dog food. But thee are so many great canned food out there. There are canned food that can help a dog gain weight when he is losing it or help a dog go on a diet when he starts to become too heavy. There is also dog food that can help a dog post surgery and give the right nutrients for your dog to recover. Canned food is a great option for those looking for a yummy lunch for his or her dog with all the nutrition.

Wet food has more flavor in it, and thereby is more appealing and appetizing to dogs. It has high amounts of protein and natural fats. It can also help dogs who have painful gums and teeth. Canned dog food also has lesser preservatives because canning the food itself is the preservation method. Nutrients come in a form which is easier to be absorbed as well. Aside from that there are so many kinds of meat to choose from.

On the other hand, canned dog food cannot be left sitting there for several hours. It has to be refrigerated when not consumed within hour of opening the pack because bacteria and germs can contaminate it. Aside from that, wet food can get stuck in your dog’s teeth easily which can cause tooth decay if you do not brush your dog’s teeth daily.

So Which is Better?

To be honest, I use a combination of wet and dry dog food. I normally give the wet food in the morning so that he has a hearty appetite and there won’t be any waste. Before I go to work I fill the dog food dispenser with dry food. I don’t just put the dog food in a bowl and leave. Dog food dispensers are worth the cost because they keep the kibbles crunchy and it also keeps the germs away.

I use both wet and dry dog food so that my dog can have a balanced meal and a more exciting diet. This also helps keeps his teeth clean and healthy. I also buy dental treats. This helps make my pooch’s breath great.