Pet Psychics and Success Stories

Pet Psychics

Pet psychics and success stories

Many of us think of our pets as family.  We don’t think there is anything strange about calling our dog, cat or even an exotic pet “our baby” and giving them a place of honor in the family.  There is no easy way to explain why these relationships are so important to us, but we know that they are.  A pet can make a bad day better, a good day brighter and all of the hard times fly by as they constantly bring us back to what is important.  Because of this unconditional love, we never blink an eye when our pets need something from us.  Expensive vet bill?  Okay.  They tore up something important? We will live without it.  They are getting older and they need more care?  We will be there for them.   We take that responsibility when we become their owner and their family member, and it’s part of loving them and seeing that love returned in their eyes.

That look in their eyes tells us that they are intelligent creatures.  We don’t need scientific proof, even though it does exist.  We don’t need to hear stories of animals that can communicate through sign language, trained commands or even painting – we understand the intelligence of our pet without seeing all of the proof.  But there is proof, and so we know even more that our animals have complex thoughts and emotions, and that they have trouble communicating these to us.


What would you give to know what your pet is thinking?  A pet psychic can help you with that.  Not only can you finally have a clue to what they feel about you and other members of your family, you can get an idea of whether or not they’ve been happy.  You can finally get the vindication that you’ve given them a good life.  Because their lives are short, and so we do have a responsibility as their owners to try to make them happy while we can.  Think of how amazing it would be to have your animal tell you, through the words of your pet psychic, that they are happy and appreciative of all that you do for them.

Troubling Behavior Solved

If you have an animal you’ve no doubt had to deal with some sort of behavior that you didn’t understand.  This is where the lack of communication comes in.  Animals can’t tell us what they need or want, so they have to use actions to try and get our attention.  This is all too clearly illustrated by the dog who goes number two in his owners’ shoes as soon as she leaves the house.  As if the dog is saying “You won’t be able to walk out next time!”  This is a classic example, but of course there is an endless variety of troubling and confusing behavior that your pet can display and there is no way for you to know exactly what they are trying to tell you with this behavior unless you speak to a pet psychic who can give you a clear message from your pet.  Just being able to understand the troubling behavior may  be the key to solving it and putting an end to it so that both you and your pet can be happier and healthier in your relationship and as individuals.

Success Stories

Writing this article reminded me of the time when my friend lost her dog Barnaby and ended up consulting an intuitive.  He had run off during a walk and they couldn’t find him anywhere.  She didn’t know what to do and someone suggested a pet psychic.  She contacted someone from the california psychics network who told her that Barnaby would come back that evening and sure enough he did!  I’ve never had a lost pet thankfully but if I did I would think about contacting a pet psychic from California psychics or I have also heard good things about psychic source readings.

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Do you have any success stories with pet psychics, if yes then please let me know and I can publish them here!

Mystery Pasts

Many people who are kind and caring begin their relationship with a pet by adopting it from the shelter.  In this way, a lot of people e

nd up adopting pets with unforeseen and unpredictable behavior patterns based on past abuse or fear.  Being able to speak to a pet psychic can uncover these mysteries and make sense of your pets’ behavior so that you can both move forward.  This is about more than just satisfying the curiosity of where the animal came from.  It’s about giving them a healing environment catered to their needs based on trauma they may have experienced before they came to you.  Talking to a pet psychic is the best way to get the complete story of what makes your adopted animal tick and why it may act out in certain ways out of fear and trauma.  And it’s the best way to give your dog, cat or other adopted pet a way of moving forward knowing they’re in a secure environment without the fear triggers that make them act out.

Seeing What your Pet Sees

Pets are very observant and they watch every move you make.  This means that they may have seen something important in your life that you have not.  There have even been instances of pets predicting cancer in their owners.  Talking to a pet psychic gives your pet a voice to send you any important messages that you may need to hear.