Nicole: A Story of a Dog Who Was Left Behind

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

“This is the story of a dog named Nicole. A story of love, heartbreak and death.”

My name is Nicole. I am brown Mongrel dog born in the year 1993. I had three siblings. My mother was a brown dog as well. I never met my dad. At about two months old, I was adopted by a college kid named Jasper. He was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Jasper was a nursing student and was a loving dad to me. His mum was also very nice. We all lived in his granny’s big house, together with his brother, his mom, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Jasper had a big family. They even had cats. I was good friends with the cats. They were Orange and Cookie. We played a lot of games together. They even had a very old guard dog which they kept at the back. His name was Sparkie. We weren’t very close.

Jasper and I always had a lot of fun. He lets me sleep beside him on his bed. He always gives me nice belly rubs. I love him so much. He gives me all me needs. He even buys me vitamins which I think are for humans. I was the luckiest dog in the world. I was the in the center of the universe. Whenever his other cousins visited our home. They played with me too. I never run out of nice sunny days filled with love.

One day I could not understand what was going on. I saw Jasper packing his things. But where is he going? I wagged my tail in anticipation. I know I can go with him because he would never leave me since he loved me a lot. He tried to talk to me but I could not understand human talk so much. All I heard was for me to “Stay”. But why? I could not understand. Maybe there was just some mistake here.  Jasper carried his bags and went to the door. I tried to follow him but he immediately closed it. I cried and cried but he would not hear me. I wanted to go with him. Why is he leaving me? Is he ever coming back? I waited and waited. But he never came back.

I could not understand why he just decided to leave me. I was a good girl all the time. I played with him. I tried to make him happy. I tried to give him all that I have. His aunt Nita took care of me and tried to make me happy while I patiently waited for him to come back for me. I tried to play with Orange and Cookie but the void in my heart could never be filled. I felt lonely all the time but I hid it from Jasper’s family. I want them to stay and not leave me too so I did not want to be a bad dog.

One day, one of Jasper’s cousins Chris brought a beautiful woman in our house. She seemed to be having a baby. I was really excited. I love babies! They are very cute and cuddly. I waited and waited for the baby to come. Finally, one day a cute baby boy came back home. His name was Miguel. He was so small and smelled very nice. I wanted to play with him but the older humans would never let me.

Years past and I tried to keep my distance from Miguel but I always tried to watch over him. He was about a foot and half high at that time. Maybe in doggie years that’s about 21 but maybe just three years old for humans since he seemed to much like a baby to me. I thought to myself, maybe he is now old enough for me to lick and go near to. He seemed to like me. He smiled at me all the time. So I tried to go to him. I tried to lick him. But I was very careful not to hurt him with my teeth. I felt so happy again.

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Suddenly, his dad Chris shouted at me! He was very angry! I felt so scared so I barked at him asking him why he is upset. He could not understand me. He went to the kitchen and got a knife! Oh my God! No! I’m scared. He tried to stab me…. But my angel dogs where guiding me and the knife did not go in. His other cousin Edgar came in and protected me. They both got into an argument. Next thing I know, Edgar was carrying me into his car and driving really fast. My heart was racing with fright. I was really scared. I thought I was gonna die. Thank God I did not.

We arrived in another house. It was big too but no one seemed to be there. Just Edgar and me. He gave me some water to drink. I was so tired that I fell asleep. I slept on for days waking up only to drink or eat a little. I was so depressed. Why are humans like that? I miss Jasper and his protection.

Months and years passed. I was used to solitary life. Edgar came and went as he pleased. He sister Ginny was there most of the time to check on me. She was a nice woman, who most other humans misunderstood. I loved my new masters. They are simple and quiet. But I still miss my beloved dad.

One day children came to Edgar’s house. I recognize them as his cousins. They used to visit me in Jasper’s house. I loved this children. They played with me and gave me a bath. They tried to give me some bread with soy sauce. This was yummy but I knew it was bad for me. I could not say no because they were so innocent and they only wanted to show me love and care. I was so happy again! They even gave me walks outside. Marie gave me food all the time. Joseph petted me and always brought me out. Rachel was a little scared of me but petted me as well. My heart was filled with joy.

Days passed. I always feared they would leave. When that day came. I cried and cried. I wanted to go with them but they were just children. They could not adopt me yet. My heart was broken again.

After some time, I was becoming old and weak. I ate leftovers only which most dogs here do. This food was bad for me. But I had to be strong to survive. I was getting more and more sick. My kidneys hurt a lot. I wanted to see Jasper or the three children before I die.

Today I feel is my last day. I told you my story because I am hoping that you might meet any of my family or friends and tell them how much I love them. That I will always and forever love them. I will never forget them. When I go to doggie heaven, I will watch over them. Please tell them that if they have new pets, to not forget me coz I have and never ever will forget them.

“Nicole died in the summer of 2002. It was a warm and sunny day. She looked at the sky and prayed. She was happy and at peace. She was happy because finally, she could always watch over her beloved Jasper from heaven forever.” — The End