Animal Welfare for Domestic Animals

natural dog careOften you get to see some hard hearted people on the roads that have no mercy on the poor animals living on the streets. Seeing a man hit a dog with a stone ; seeing children tying fire crackers to the tail of a dog and lighting them up during Diwali is not an uncommon sight. This is exactly when people think that animal welfare must be highlighted. Animal welfare does not only pertain to opening shelter houses for the animals where they can find a day’s meal and shelter; but what they need most is the love and care of the human beings.

Often one has seen that little puppies are being left out in the rain, sun and cold to fend for themselves. These new born animals that cannot even talk and communicate their pain deserve love, care and respect from people; not humiliation and desolation. In fact these animals become the most loyal friends one can ever have or crave for in return of your love to them.

Ways you can help animals like dogs and cats

One does not need to start a fuss over an issue to highlight animal welfare. All one needs to do is take small steps in his or her own way to make sure that these animals are loved and cared for. One can start cooperation in their societies by taking care of the stray animals in their locality. In fact it is a thoughtful process due to the growing rise in the price of the commodities today but people can share it amongst themselves. While two to three people can opt for feeding these animals breakfast few others can opt for some lunch and dinner. During winter one can gather one’s old clothes like t shirts and shirt and make an animal wear one garment so that they do not feel cold.

Make a home for a stray dog or cat

Also, if the animals do not have places to sleep or shelter during the rainy season, one can actually make a home for them in simple wooden, paper or plastic boxes. With some discarded clothes to make the box softer animals can happily fit in there and share it amongst themselves. In places where there are many old stray dogs or cats it is advisable for some people to remain in constant touch with the vet doctors; so that in case of emergencies one can approach them for guidance.

Taking a stray pet into your home

Apart from such cooperatives, animal welfare can also mean adopting and looking after an animal as a part of your own family. In fact there are many places which offer different schemes regarding this type of adoption. In some animal shelters it is possible to adopt dogs, cats, guinea pigs and birds and raise them at your own place as a member of your own family. In many animal shelters and zoos there are schemes through which a person adopts and animal in a way which includes only the maintenance cost of the animal to be given by the person but the animal remains in the shelter house or the zoo itself. This is a scheme which has been adopted quite recently as due to low funds and high maintenance costs many shelters are unable to take the burden of caring for so many animals.

Costs associated with having pets

Animals rely on us to look after them and make decisions for them, It’s also important to remember the costs associated with keeping a pet healthy and happy.  You must work out the costs for feeding it, we highly recommend getting pet insurance which can be costly to get a good plan, and also any supplements and flea treatments, such as frontline plus for dogs, or natural alternatives to treat fleas which are highly recommended due to the strong chemicals used in these preparations.

Thus, the term “animal welfare”, is a short word of only two words but it incorporates within itself a lot of dimensions and spheres. It pertains to all strata’s of life, all over the world to come to together and take care of the animals. Without the animals neither is the human kind safe, nor can it develop, and above all the Earth itself is incomplete.