How to Properly Discipline Your Dog

Dogs can be like children. They are cute, funny and make us swoon. They are loving and funny. However dogs can also be distructive at times. They may have unwanted behavior such as peeing and pooping in different parts of the house. They may also try to destroy furntiture. They may also be quarrelsome with other dogs.

But dogs can generally be trained to behave well. They can learn what to do in different situations in order to avoid being troublesome.

Raising a Good Dog

Dogs have different temperaments. A lot of the dog’s behavior may depend on his breed and size. Some dogs have a lot energy and may want to run around and play to release their pent up vigor. If they are not given the chance to exercise and go for walks, they can be bored and therefore release their angst by tearing things apart.

On the other hand, there are dogs who are naturally quiet and want to be left alone. They are contented with sitting quietly on the sofa or rug and chiling. However when they get stressed out unnecessarily they can also cause trouble.

1. Start them early – Dogs are like kids. You need to spend time with them in order to teach them how to properly act around others. You need to make them feel that you are the parent and therefore they need to follow you. You can give them rewards and punishment to reinforce behavior.

2. Reward system – Rewarding a dog can work with both puppies and even adopted dogs. Dogs learn well when given a motivational treat such as delicous food and doggie treat snacks.

3. Punishment – Punishing a dog is not bad. It does not mean you will hurt them or abuse them. You may impose punishmentment by taking away their favorite toy, doggie bed or treats. You can also put them in a crate for short periods of time when they misbehave.

4. Reassure them – Some dogs may have felt abused or have had bad experiences with previous owners. This can cause them to have toilet accidents and make them feel ashamed or shaken. They may have been hurt or threatened and as a consequence they become aggressive as well. The best way to deal with this is to be kind and understanding.

Know when to pamper and know when to set a bit of distance. Take into account a lot of examples from the famous Dog Whisperer Caesar Milan.

Imposing Discipline

Teaching a dog to behave properly may take time and effort. Invest time into this and your dog will be a good companion. Neglect your dog’s training and he will turn out to be rowdy.

1. Have a regular schedule – Give your dog’s meals on time. A lot a certain time for walks and exercise. This routine will help your dog form good habits.

2. Notice bad behavior – Never neglect bad behavior. When your dog pees in a corner, scold him. There is no need to hurt him but you need to let him know that he has done something wrong. Never ever hurt a dog because he will just feel anger for you and eventually will never follow you.

3. Teach him or her about other dogs and animals – A lof of times dogs may misbehave because they are the only animals in the house hold. Bringing your dog to a dog park allows him to get to know other dogs.

4. Show him love – Love is the best way for a dog to know that he or she should behave well. If a dog loves you he will tend to follow you.

Doggie training and discipline is now much easier with the help of the internet. All you just need to have is a lot of patience.