How to Make a Home Made Meal for my Dog?

How to Make a Home Made Meal for my Dog?During the past feeding normal human food to dogs have been viewed negatively by many people, especially during the time when dog food such as kibbles became popular. A lot people considered that only people who do not care enough about their pets fed them human food or left overs. But this is totally untrue. A lot of human or homemade meals can be made for your beloved pets without sacrificing his health.

Homemade Vs. Commercial

Many people argue that commercial food is better for your dogs because the companies who produced them “carefully” combined the ingredients to ensure that your dog gets optimal nutrition and lives healthy. But recently, there has been many controversies surrounding commercial dog food. Low priced dog food normally lack the protein that your dog needs and is overstuffed with fattening and high calorie carbohydrates and fats that your dog don’t need.

Homemade food can either be good or bad for your dog. Some homemade food is totally bad because they include left over food which is normally prepared for human consumption. Technically dogs don’t really need carbohydrates and they should get most of their calories from protein, so adding rice to their meal may cause obesity. On the other hand a small amount that contains good fibre can be good to promote good digestion. Never feed your dog old or spoiled food. Dogs have feelings too, and they would know if you treat them like garbage. Spoiled food can make them very sick, much sicker that it affects humans since they have high sensitivity to molds.

On the other hand, carefully prepared food can really optimize your dog’s health. He can live a longer life than most dogs by careful planning of his food and meals. To ensure that he is able to get good nutrients you must consider first the main ingredients of his diet. Protein is the most important part which would comprise half of his meal. He can also benefit from eating organs such as boiled liver or boiled heart to improve his blood and add iron to his diet. Vegetables and fruits can benefit him as long there is no onion, garlic, raisins, grapes or the like included. Vegetables can help him get vitamins which are not available in a pure meat diet. Try not to include carbohydrates anymore as dogs do not need any of these stuff. But if you must add carbs to his food, only add 14% or less.

Preparing Your Dog’s Food

dog-456646_640(1)In preparing your dog food, you don’t have to be a master chef to do so. You can search the internet for creative recipes which you can follow. Generally, if you will feed you dog raw meat, then he might not really eat the vegetables that you would include in it unless you have put them all in a food processor and ground them up. There is no need to add any salt or pepper since this can harm your pet’s kidneys and liver. You may however add some hearty and healthy oils to provide more flavour. You can use coconut oil which is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Just put all the ingredients such as the meat, carrots or squash and some oil into the food processor and serve it.

On the other hand, you may also choose to boil the food. For meat, refrain from overly boiling it as it may kill the enzymes that your dog needs. Dogs, unlike humans are not as sensitive to salmonella or e-coli. They are natural meat eaters and they would benefit from eating rare or medium rare cooked meat. You may also choose to bake your dog’s food or better yet make your own dog treats by baking some chicken breast with some turmeric, a little salt and some olive oil. This can add to his omega-3 needs. Avoid anything that can cause him allergies such as squid, shrimps or any fish that is too stinky. Consulting your vet can still help you decide what to give your beloved dog.

Simple preparations are still best. This do not disrupt the natural flavours of the food. Make sure that the food is thoroughly cleaned and is not exposed to cross contamination. You may alternately feed your dog organically prepared commercial dog food bought from a trusted company and also some home cooked meals. You may always use your trusted freezer to store a batch of food for your pet.

Benefits of Homemade food

Homemade food ensures that your dog is not eating anything that is dangerous to him because you will be the one who will personally choose the ingredients of this meal. It can also help an aging dog who cannot digest hard kibbles and or cannot excrete waste properly. Homemade meals do not need to be expensive as well. Supermarkets always have a sale for some meat or poultry.