How to Properly Discipline Your Dog

Dogs can be like children. They are cute, funny and make us swoon. They are loving and funny. However dogs can also be distructive at times. They may have unwanted behavior such as peeing and pooping in different parts of the house. They may also try to destroy furntiture. They may also be quarrelsome with other dogs.

But dogs can generally be trained to behave well. They can learn what to do in different situations in order to avoid being troublesome.

Raising a Good Dog

Dogs have different temperaments. A lot of the dog’s behavior may depend on his breed and size. Some dogs have a lot energy and may want to run around and play to release their pent up vigor. If they are not given the chance to exercise and go for walks, they can be bored and therefore release their angst by tearing things apart.

On the other hand, there are dogs who are naturally quiet and want to be left alone. They are contented with sitting quietly on the sofa or rug and chiling. However when they get stressed out unnecessarily they can also cause trouble.

1. Start them early – Dogs are like kids. You need to spend time with them in order to teach them how to properly act around others. You need to make them feel that you are the parent and therefore they need to follow you. You can give them rewards and punishment to reinforce behavior.

2. Reward system – Rewarding a dog can work with both puppies and even adopted dogs. Dogs learn well when given a motivational treat such as delicous food and doggie treat snacks.

3. Punishment – Punishing a dog is not bad. It does not mean you will hurt them or abuse them. You may impose punishmentment by taking away their favorite toy, doggie bed or treats. You can also put them in a crate for short periods of time when they misbehave.

4. Reassure them – Some dogs may have felt abused or have had bad experiences with previous owners. This can cause them to have toilet accidents and make them feel ashamed or shaken. They may have been hurt or threatened and as a consequence they become aggressive as well. The best way to deal with this is to be kind and understanding.

Know when to pamper and know when to set a bit of distance. Take into account a lot of examples from the famous Dog Whisperer Caesar Milan.

Imposing Discipline

Teaching a dog to behave properly may take time and effort. Invest time into this and your dog will be a good companion. Neglect your dog’s training and he will turn out to be rowdy.

1. Have a regular schedule – Give your dog’s meals on time. A lot a certain time for walks and exercise. This routine will help your dog form good habits.

2. Notice bad behavior – Never neglect bad behavior. When your dog pees in a corner, scold him. There is no need to hurt him but you need to let him know that he has done something wrong. Never ever hurt a dog because he will just feel anger for you and eventually will never follow you.

3. Teach him or her about other dogs and animals – A lof of times dogs may misbehave because they are the only animals in the house hold. Bringing your dog to a dog park allows him to get to know other dogs.

4. Show him love – Love is the best way for a dog to know that he or she should behave well. If a dog loves you he will tend to follow you.

Doggie training and discipline is now much easier with the help of the internet. All you just need to have is a lot of patience.

Which is Better, Dry Food or Wet Food?


There are literally a hundred different kinds of dog food out there. Aside from the normal grocery finds such as dry and wet food, there is even the option of making your own homemade dog food. This variety can be good for your dog and can give him the a lot of choices. But on the other hand making the choice can be baffling at times. What’s more is the question of whether dry food or wet food is what your dog needs.

Dry Food Vs. Wet Food?

If you are one of those people who do not have the time to concoct a happy meal for your pooch, then going to the pet supply store or the grocery is your best bet. Most people look down on dry food thinking that this is just for lazy pet owners and that it is just filled with junk that your dog needs. Others swear by wet food because they see their dogs very happy gobbling it down and the pack says it has everything your dog needs.

On the other hand, Dry food is not all that bad. Aside from being very convenient, it does have benefits such as balanced nutrition not to mention it is really good for your dog’s teeth. It can also be satisfying to your dog to feel the crush of eating dry dog food. On the other hand, wet dog food or canned dog food can be high in protein and can also have a lot of flavor which your dog would love

Dry Food

The main benefit of dry food is that it helps remove tartar buildup from your dog’s teeth. It also helps satisfy your dog’s need to chew. Dry food is also very convenient and there is no waste. If your dog does not finish the food, it will to spoil easily and you don’t need to refrigerate it. Many people despise dry food saying that it is full of carbohydrates that can lead to diabetics and lacks protein. But contrary to belief, high protein is not all that good for your dog. He does need carbs for energy specially if he is playful and likes to run a lot. He also needs fiber for easier bowel movement. A lot of dry food offer these.

On the other hand, there are dry food that is full of junk that your dog does not need. Too much carbs can cause him to be overweight. Older dogs may also be unable to eat dry food because it can cause pain in his gums and teeth. Dry dog food can also be boring can can cause a loss of appetite in your furry friend.

Canned Wet Food

Canned wet food has had some bad rep from those who swear into making their own dog food. But thee are so many great canned food out there. There are canned food that can help a dog gain weight when he is losing it or help a dog go on a diet when he starts to become too heavy. There is also dog food that can help a dog post surgery and give the right nutrients for your dog to recover. Canned food is a great option for those looking for a yummy lunch for his or her dog with all the nutrition.

Wet food has more flavor in it, and thereby is more appealing and appetizing to dogs. It has high amounts of protein and natural fats. It can also help dogs who have painful gums and teeth. Canned dog food also has lesser preservatives because canning the food itself is the preservation method. Nutrients come in a form which is easier to be absorbed as well. Aside from that there are so many kinds of meat to choose from.

On the other hand, canned dog food cannot be left sitting there for several hours. It has to be refrigerated when not consumed within hour of opening the pack because bacteria and germs can contaminate it. Aside from that, wet food can get stuck in your dog’s teeth easily which can cause tooth decay if you do not brush your dog’s teeth daily.

So Which is Better?

To be honest, I use a combination of wet and dry dog food. I normally give the wet food in the morning so that he has a hearty appetite and there won’t be any waste. Before I go to work I fill the dog food dispenser with dry food. I don’t just put the dog food in a bowl and leave. Dog food dispensers are worth the cost because they keep the kibbles crunchy and it also keeps the germs away.

I use both wet and dry dog food so that my dog can have a balanced meal and a more exciting diet. This also helps keeps his teeth clean and healthy. I also buy dental treats. This helps make my pooch’s breath great.

How to Make a Home Made Meal for my Dog?

How to Make a Home Made Meal for my Dog?During the past feeding normal human food to dogs have been viewed negatively by many people, especially during the time when dog food such as kibbles became popular. A lot people considered that only people who do not care enough about their pets fed them human food or left overs. But this is totally untrue. A lot of human or homemade meals can be made for your beloved pets without sacrificing his health.

Homemade Vs. Commercial

Many people argue that commercial food is better for your dogs because the companies who produced them “carefully” combined the ingredients to ensure that your dog gets optimal nutrition and lives healthy. But recently, there has been many controversies surrounding commercial dog food. Low priced dog food normally lack the protein that your dog needs and is overstuffed with fattening and high calorie carbohydrates and fats that your dog don’t need.

Homemade food can either be good or bad for your dog. Some homemade food is totally bad because they include left over food which is normally prepared for human consumption. Technically dogs don’t really need carbohydrates and they should get most of their calories from protein, so adding rice to their meal may cause obesity. On the other hand a small amount that contains good fibre can be good to promote good digestion. Never feed your dog old or spoiled food. Dogs have feelings too, and they would know if you treat them like garbage. Spoiled food can make them very sick, much sicker that it affects humans since they have high sensitivity to molds.

On the other hand, carefully prepared food can really optimize your dog’s health. He can live a longer life than most dogs by careful planning of his food and meals. To ensure that he is able to get good nutrients you must consider first the main ingredients of his diet. Protein is the most important part which would comprise half of his meal. He can also benefit from eating organs such as boiled liver or boiled heart to improve his blood and add iron to his diet. Vegetables and fruits can benefit him as long there is no onion, garlic, raisins, grapes or the like included. Vegetables can help him get vitamins which are not available in a pure meat diet. Try not to include carbohydrates anymore as dogs do not need any of these stuff. But if you must add carbs to his food, only add 14% or less.

Preparing Your Dog’s Food

dog-456646_640(1)In preparing your dog food, you don’t have to be a master chef to do so. You can search the internet for creative recipes which you can follow. Generally, if you will feed you dog raw meat, then he might not really eat the vegetables that you would include in it unless you have put them all in a food processor and ground them up. There is no need to add any salt or pepper since this can harm your pet’s kidneys and liver. You may however add some hearty and healthy oils to provide more flavour. You can use coconut oil which is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Just put all the ingredients such as the meat, carrots or squash and some oil into the food processor and serve it.

On the other hand, you may also choose to boil the food. For meat, refrain from overly boiling it as it may kill the enzymes that your dog needs. Dogs, unlike humans are not as sensitive to salmonella or e-coli. They are natural meat eaters and they would benefit from eating rare or medium rare cooked meat. You may also choose to bake your dog’s food or better yet make your own dog treats by baking some chicken breast with some turmeric, a little salt and some olive oil. This can add to his omega-3 needs. Avoid anything that can cause him allergies such as squid, shrimps or any fish that is too stinky. Consulting your vet can still help you decide what to give your beloved dog.

Simple preparations are still best. This do not disrupt the natural flavours of the food. Make sure that the food is thoroughly cleaned and is not exposed to cross contamination. You may alternately feed your dog organically prepared commercial dog food bought from a trusted company and also some home cooked meals. You may always use your trusted freezer to store a batch of food for your pet.

Benefits of Homemade food

Homemade food ensures that your dog is not eating anything that is dangerous to him because you will be the one who will personally choose the ingredients of this meal. It can also help an aging dog who cannot digest hard kibbles and or cannot excrete waste properly. Homemade meals do not need to be expensive as well. Supermarkets always have a sale for some meat or poultry.



Nicole: A Story of a Dog Who Was Left Behind

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

“This is the story of a dog named Nicole. A story of love, heartbreak and death.”

My name is Nicole. I am brown Mongrel dog born in the year 1993. I had three siblings. My mother was a brown dog as well. I never met my dad. At about two months old, I was adopted by a college kid named Jasper. He was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Jasper was a nursing student and was a loving dad to me. His mum was also very nice. We all lived in his granny’s big house, together with his brother, his mom, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Jasper had a big family. They even had cats. I was good friends with the cats. They were Orange and Cookie. We played a lot of games together. They even had a very old guard dog which they kept at the back. His name was Sparkie. We weren’t very close.

Jasper and I always had a lot of fun. He lets me sleep beside him on his bed. He always gives me nice belly rubs. I love him so much. He gives me all me needs. He even buys me vitamins which I think are for humans. I was the luckiest dog in the world. I was the in the center of the universe. Whenever his other cousins visited our home. They played with me too. I never run out of nice sunny days filled with love.

One day I could not understand what was going on. I saw Jasper packing his things. But where is he going? I wagged my tail in anticipation. I know I can go with him because he would never leave me since he loved me a lot. He tried to talk to me but I could not understand human talk so much. All I heard was for me to “Stay”. But why? I could not understand. Maybe there was just some mistake here.  Jasper carried his bags and went to the door. I tried to follow him but he immediately closed it. I cried and cried but he would not hear me. I wanted to go with him. Why is he leaving me? Is he ever coming back? I waited and waited. But he never came back.

I could not understand why he just decided to leave me. I was a good girl all the time. I played with him. I tried to make him happy. I tried to give him all that I have. His aunt Nita took care of me and tried to make me happy while I patiently waited for him to come back for me. I tried to play with Orange and Cookie but the void in my heart could never be filled. I felt lonely all the time but I hid it from Jasper’s family. I want them to stay and not leave me too so I did not want to be a bad dog.

One day, one of Jasper’s cousins Chris brought a beautiful woman in our house. She seemed to be having a baby. I was really excited. I love babies! They are very cute and cuddly. I waited and waited for the baby to come. Finally, one day a cute baby boy came back home. His name was Miguel. He was so small and smelled very nice. I wanted to play with him but the older humans would never let me.

Years past and I tried to keep my distance from Miguel but I always tried to watch over him. He was about a foot and half high at that time. Maybe in doggie years that’s about 21 but maybe just three years old for humans since he seemed to much like a baby to me. I thought to myself, maybe he is now old enough for me to lick and go near to. He seemed to like me. He smiled at me all the time. So I tried to go to him. I tried to lick him. But I was very careful not to hurt him with my teeth. I felt so happy again.

katja / Pixabay

Suddenly, his dad Chris shouted at me! He was very angry! I felt so scared so I barked at him asking him why he is upset. He could not understand me. He went to the kitchen and got a knife! Oh my God! No! I’m scared. He tried to stab me…. But my angel dogs where guiding me and the knife did not go in. His other cousin Edgar came in and protected me. They both got into an argument. Next thing I know, Edgar was carrying me into his car and driving really fast. My heart was racing with fright. I was really scared. I thought I was gonna die. Thank God I did not.

We arrived in another house. It was big too but no one seemed to be there. Just Edgar and me. He gave me some water to drink. I was so tired that I fell asleep. I slept on for days waking up only to drink or eat a little. I was so depressed. Why are humans like that? I miss Jasper and his protection.

Months and years passed. I was used to solitary life. Edgar came and went as he pleased. He sister Ginny was there most of the time to check on me. She was a nice woman, who most other humans misunderstood. I loved my new masters. They are simple and quiet. But I still miss my beloved dad.

One day children came to Edgar’s house. I recognize them as his cousins. They used to visit me in Jasper’s house. I loved this children. They played with me and gave me a bath. They tried to give me some bread with soy sauce. This was yummy but I knew it was bad for me. I could not say no because they were so innocent and they only wanted to show me love and care. I was so happy again! They even gave me walks outside. Marie gave me food all the time. Joseph petted me and always brought me out. Rachel was a little scared of me but petted me as well. My heart was filled with joy.

Days passed. I always feared they would leave. When that day came. I cried and cried. I wanted to go with them but they were just children. They could not adopt me yet. My heart was broken again.

After some time, I was becoming old and weak. I ate leftovers only which most dogs here do. This food was bad for me. But I had to be strong to survive. I was getting more and more sick. My kidneys hurt a lot. I wanted to see Jasper or the three children before I die.

Today I feel is my last day. I told you my story because I am hoping that you might meet any of my family or friends and tell them how much I love them. That I will always and forever love them. I will never forget them. When I go to doggie heaven, I will watch over them. Please tell them that if they have new pets, to not forget me coz I have and never ever will forget them.

“Nicole died in the summer of 2002. It was a warm and sunny day. She looked at the sky and prayed. She was happy and at peace. She was happy because finally, she could always watch over her beloved Jasper from heaven forever.” — The End

Wildlife Welfare In Contemporary Times

horse and dog welfareAnimal welfare has become one of the most important spheres of action and studies in contemporary world.

Environmentalists and animal welfare specialists are deeply concerned over the fate of the animals today in the world.  Man today has become so irresponsible, carless and selfish that they do not stop to think over the fact whether their actions are hurting animals or not and this applies to pets like dogs but also animals in the wild. When a small scratch comes in the body of a man he yells in pain but today parts, organs and hides of animals are cut for decors, clothes and making other beautiful objects. One does not even stop to think how painful it might be for the animal. What more, these animals cannot communicate in human language; a reason why they cannot express their pain properly and behave in an uncontrollable manner. This is all the more misunderstood by the people and leads to killing of the animals.

Animal welfare can be broadly divided into two categories: Domestic animal welfare such as cats, horses and dogs and wildlife welfare. In domestic welfare, one deals with stray animals, provides them food and shelter or arranges for them to be admitted and kept in the zoo, animal shelters or even better adopts them or rehomes them with a loving family. However, in wildlife welfare one cannot do so. Often there are exceptional cases where a family takes care of a lion or tiger cub as their own child and brings him up, but this is mostly possible in the remote tribal areas of the world and not in a majority.

According to reports and personal experiences of travellers, environmentalists, animal lovers, documentary makers the condition of the wild animals in their natural habitat is very poor and degraded. In fact the mankind has seen its visual proof as cheetahs, wild elephants and tigers have often left the wild and entered into villages in search of food and shelter. Every other day there is news in the newspapers which state that a jumbo or a group of jumbos have lost their lives after being run over by a speeding train. Rhinos are being shot brutally and their horns are being cut off to make ivory objects. Many a times the rhino is not even killed but just tranquillised and are subjected to the painful cutting off of their horns. Then they are simply left to die in the wild. There are less royal Bengal Tigers in the Sunderbans than one can ever imagine. Even if one gets to see a tiger after two to five visits one would be very lucky to have been able to get a glimpse of the mighty animal.

This was not the fate of these wild animals even few years ago. But today, these atrocities are at their height of cruelty and selfishness. There are many legislations that have been applied for these cases but to what extents are these legislations followed by the people are a completely different matter. Moreover, today the forest guards and officials also have to fight against poachers, animal piracy and smuggling of exotic animals especially birds. With so many problems to fight against for the protection of the wild animals it is very essential that the people in the vicinity come forward and offer their help in maintaining a peaceful co -existence between animals and mankind.

Hence wildlife welfare also forms a very important part of animal welfare and should be given equal weightage as domestic animal welfare. Though many people cannot directly offer their help but indirectly they can by spreading awareness and following the animal welfare legislations. Petitions written by them are also are favourable step to take. Hence, it is up to mankind now to protect and preserve these creatures.