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Maintaining a pet at home whatever it may be- a cat, dog, bird or something else is not a matter of joke. One needs to take care of what the pets eats along with its health and hygiene. Not all foods are good for all pets and not all that is good for a pet can be given at all times. A pet as it grows as different dietary needs. Hence, what you would feed it as a child will not be the same as what you feed it when it is ill or has become old. Thus, there are some facts about the food of the pets which is essential for every pet owner to keep a track of.

As the old proverb goes what you see is not what you get; same is the condition when we talk about pet foods. Sometimes the beautiful colours and graphics of a pet food tin blind us to buy it without looking into the nutritional value of what we are buying. Hence one should look into what goes in making the food that you are giving to your pet.

Many a times finding out what goes into making certain pet food can leave you full of horror.

What is really in your pet food?

• By-products of chicken and beef are cooked in fact dried and cooked. These include spleen, blood, meat, bones, kidneys and such other organs. These are mixed with what is called pet food and served to the pets. It is important for pet owners to know about these facts so that they can question the food as the pets themselves cannot do so.

• Lamb meals which are dried and cooked or rendered are added as pet food. These include hoof, horn, blood, kidneys, hair etc.

• Chicken by products same as lamb meal are also added to the pet food.

• There are many pet foods which do not contain any flavour of its own. Those meals are supplemented with chemicals and digests which are materials from mammals. These digests supposedly adds flavour to the food.

Can these things make your dog or pet sick?

All these products when they go into the pet food destroy the nutritional value of the product and often leave it valueless. These also decrease the protein that is essential for animals like dogs and cats. What more, they even cause diseases and other health problems in the pets. That is why it is very important to scrutinize the food that you are giving to your pets. It is also important to think about using natural flea treatments for dogs because as this article shows there are dangerous poisons in certain flea treatments such as frontline plus for dogs.

In fact people today blindly trust the brands and labels of pet food and other pet health products. This has actually become dangerous as people do not pay attention to the nutritional value but more to the face value of the supplement. Also, the ones that are labelled as premium food and sold are mostly done so to gain popularity and actually run a business of monetary gains. Most of the times such food manufacturing companies are more interested in their profit value than the health of the pet.

Futhermore a lot of the foods that are sold for dogs can actually cause allergies which can be difficult to diagnose.  If your dog is having health problems that you can’t figure out then food allergies are likely to be a prime suspect.  Find out more about dog allergies and the best foods to avoid them.

Organic foods for pets are best

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Photo by Iliyan Yankov

Thus there is one solution that can be adopted in such a circumstance. You can actually shift focus to organic food for your pets. These organic foods are manufactured in clean and healthy environment without the adulteration that is done in most of the normal pet foods. Hence adopting organic food in their nutrition is the best way out.

These organic foods are made without the influence of fertilisers and pesticides and retain their protein and nutritional value.
Hence it is time to adopt a more natural and nutritional friendly way for your pet to ensure that they get the diet that they require to get and also so that they can lead a healthy life.

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